"Design for me is curiosity; it is getting exposed to new materials, technologies, and processes on a daily basis. Getting people excited about products through precise shape, is the secret to an object that transcends time. Design is my way of life". (Dor Carmon)

We are an invigorated versatile product design studio, working in different fields of industrial design specializing in various materials & technologies. Our multidisciplinary innovative approach provides professional design services for both mass market products as well as limited edition objects. We offer a unique way of thinking, which looks at technology from different perspectives, stretching its limits when necessary. "Form" is our language, understanding "Form" is our specialty and making an object desirable and suitable is our added value.

Dor Carmon

Dor Carmon is a creative Israeli product designer, specializing in furniture and life style objects design. He is a graduate of the Industrial Design program at HIT, and today is a staff member in the department. Dor uses various materials and techniques – from injection molds through ceramic casting and metal work. His designs are characterized by meticulous work and the ability to define precise shape and proportions, flowing curves and surfaces, thus maximizing the capabilities of the various technologies he uses. Dor's designs include both furniture in mass production and unique life style products, which are sold in selected design stores in Israel and abroad. He participated in a few exhibitions in Israel and abroad, and has won several design awards.

dor carmon

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