Dor Carmon | Webee


Webee is an infants' and toddlers' play and learn keyboard.

The client's requirement was to re-design the keyboard to an updated and upgraded product.

Though the requirement included upgrading the product, it was required that the product's contour will be preserved so customers can still identify it as the Webee keyboard at a glance. It was also required that the buttons’ click will be softer and responsive over its entire surface unlike the original keyboard. The buttons have to be reliable over time, providing high quality feel and sound. An additional requirement, as important as the above was to significantly reduce the product's cost hence' its price.

Two target customers were identified: The infant or toddler playing and using the keyboard, and the parent who makes the purchase. While designing the product, I envisioned it as a simple and friendly yet "Toddlers’ Hi-tech" product, equal amongst the parents' other digital gadgets, not just another toy within the toddles pile of toys.

The keyboard was designed so that the focus will be on the large colorful buttons. It was required to stay with the previous version / previous generation buttons' colors. Choosing the colors for the keyboard itself was the challenge. The white for the keyboard top was chosen after trial and error process, it was found as emphasizing and intensifying the buttons being the heart of the product. The grey was chosen for the bottom as it is neutral and harmoniously fits together with the keyboard’s other colors.

The products went through re-design and re-engineering to improve its look, feel, and function, including up-to-date packaging.